Did Jesus call Joseph "Father?"

This is an interesting question. What did Jesus call Joseph? The Bible provides no record of Jesus addressing Joseph. The only recorded uses of "Father," by Jesus, are in reference to God the Father. Jesus spoke of God as "My Father" and He spoke to others about God as "your Father." Since the Bible does not record Jesus calling Joseph "father," the only thing we can do is reason from the Word and consider how Jesus might have addressed Joseph. I believe there are seven very good reasons that help us form a conclusion.

1) In first century Israel, the mother or the father named the newborn child. An example is found in John the Baptist's birth record (Luke 1:60-63). An angel appeared to Zacharias and told him to give his son the name of John. When the people wanted to name the baby after his father, Zacharias, who could not speak, Elisabeth spoke for him and declared that the baby was to be named John. The people then turned to Zacharias, who wrote "his name is John." n angel also appeared to Joseph and told him to name the baby Mary was carrying. The angel said, "you shall call His name Jesus" (Matthew 1:21) and, as His earthly father, Joseph named Jesus when He was born.

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