Did Life Come from Outer Space?

The simple answer is NO!The Bible states that God created all living things on earth by His spoken word on Days Three, Five, and Six of the creation week. However, the concept that life originated in outer space and was then transferred to earth is popular in today's society. Some believe that bacteria (considered "primitive" life) or organic molecules necessary for life came from other planets, meteors, or comets. Some even suggest that intelligent extraterrestrial aliens sent life to earth. Many people are eager to believe in any ideas concerning the origin of life as long as they exclude the Creator God and the truth of His Word.

Why Life from Outer Space?

Why do scientists want to push the origin of life into outer space rather than believe that life originated on earth? The answer: complexity and time.


Life on earth is very complex. Bacteria are considered to be the simplest life form. However, several examples from the bacterial world make it clear that the word "simple" is a relative term. Some of the "simplest" are endosymbionts—organisms that live entirely within other organisms. Candidatus Carsonella rudii, a bacterium that lives within the cells of the psyllid insect Pachypsylla venusta, is considered to have the smallest genome of any endosymbiotic bacteria. It has 159,662 base pairs (DNA), which encode approximately 182 genes. The genes encode proteins for amino acid (components of protein) biosynthesis, which the host insect cannot get from its diet. The host insect provides necessary proteins that are not encoded by the bacterial genome.

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