What Difference Does It Make?

There are days when it seems as though you have no strength at all. You know what you should be doing; you know what the demands are. You work to accomplish your tasks. Yet, instead of finally achieving the satisfaction of accomplishment, you are overtaken by weariness. You feel weak beyond hope. You ask yourself in frustration, "What difference does it make?" The psalmist must have experienced thoughts like these as he traveled to Jerusalem to worship. Psalm 121 records how he looked up at the hills surrounding him on his journey, he knew that he was vulnerable. On the journey up toward Jerusalem, the hills were full of foreboding—perhaps robbers and wild animals lurked among the shadows.

Then the psalmist looked beyond the very real threats to his safety, to the very one who made the hills where the dangers lurked. Realizing his weakness and vulnerability he looked to his God.

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