Differences Between Chimp and Human DNA Recalculated

Are humans less evolved than apes? One recent article implies almost as much:

Humankind likes to believe it sits at the top of the evolutionary tree because of its complexity, but our success may be down to us actually losing some of our DNA. Geneticists ... estimate since early humans split from the common ancestor we shared with our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, we have lost 40.7 million base pairs.

This recent genetic study is just one in a long line of in-depth investigations of the human genetic code. Like a written language, the human DNA code is based on four chemical "letters" — A, T, G, and C — that can be arranged in various ways to carry biologically relevant information. The linear sequence of these letters is about 3 billion chemical letters long, and in 2001, scientists first elucidated much of the order of letters in this sequence. Since then, many other studies have attempted to catalog how these 3 billion letters differ amongst the different ethnic populations around the world.

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