Distant Starlight

distantstarlightmainSometimes Christians are reluctant to discuss the age of the universe. The Bible states that God created in six days, and its genealogies clearly indicate that this took place only a few thousand years ago. But some people reason, "Hasn't science demonstrated that it would take billions of years for the light from the farthest galaxies to reach the earth? Doesn't this disprove the Genesis account or force us to interpret the words differently?"

Not at all.

There are several known ways that light can travel vast distances in a relatively short period of time. In fact, Einstein tells us that, if a person could travel at the speed of light, then the trip would be completely instantaneous (from his or her point of view). It takes literally no time at all to travel from a distant galaxy to the earth as far as the light is concerned.

There are several ways to accomplish this instant trip from the earth's point of view as well. Time-dilation models, for example, use Einstein's physics to get light here in a short period of time, at least from the earth's perspective.

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