Disturb Us, O Lord

disturbusmainChristians have played a vital role in events that have shaped history. It is good to be reminded of those who have gone before. It is good for our children to learn of the courage, accomplishments and prayers of those who have trusted Christ.

One such example is English navigator and seaman Sir Francis Drake (circa 1542-1598). Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and was instrumental in defeating the Spanish Armada. Drake was the son of a Protestant preacher. Drake, like all figures of history, had strengths and weakness. But, as you can see from the prayer below, he was passionate about his faith in Christ. In 1577, while on his voyage around the world he penned the prayer below. This prayer applies as equally to our lives as it did to his. May we have the courage to pray it again.

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