"Divergent" Lesson in Human Depravity

It's rare to find a major motion picture that paints humanity, as a whole, to be this bad. Not only was it human evil that nearly destroyed the world in some great war, but now it is human depravity that threatens to undue it all again. They sought to guard against this very thing when they divided society into five factions: Abnegation to counter selfishness, Erudite to stand against ignorance, Amity against aggression, Candor against duplicity, and Dauntless against cowardice.

Each faction was formed to shine against some great human darkness, with all five working together to sustain human light and life. But the problem is that the depravity runs too deep. And now it's all crashing down again.

Find the Fingerprints

In Divergent (rated PG–13, opens this weekend), sixteen-year-old Beatrice ("Tris") Prior finds herself coming of age in the middle of society collapsing around her. None of the factions -- with their respective emphases on the virtues of selflessness, knowledge, harmony, truth, and courage -- are able to stem the tide of evil at work in the human heart (some of us would call it "sin"). It's calling out of human corruption is so honest, it’s almost Christian -- even Calvinistic.

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