Do Babies Go to Heaven if They Die?


Do babies go to Heaven if they die? The mentally impaired, young children, the unborn?


This question is one for which there is not a definitive answer. It is God who saves, so we can never say with certainty who is or is not saved. However, the Bible does provide great biblical reasoning that helps us answer this question.

Please read and digest the full answer to this question. You need to be prepared with words of comfort if someone you know or love loses a young child, baby, unborn baby or mentally impaired loved one. God can use you to comfort them by telling of His amazing grace for these little ones.

Because it's sufficiently clear in Scripture that for salvation one must "confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that God raised Jesus from death" (Romans 10:9), we must ask, what about those who are too young to understand the gospel of saving grace? Or the unborn, or the mentally impaired at any age, who are unable to hear or understand the gospel message? These questions are addressed with a doctrine called the Age of Accountability.

The Age of Accountability is not clearly defined in the Bible. However, it is widely accepted and there are many Bible verses and passages that support this teaching.

I believe the Age of Accountability should more accurately be described as the Level of Accountability — meaning, the time when someone comes to a level of understanding who God is, who they are, what Jesus has done for them and what He offers to them. "Level" is a much better determining factor to describe this doctrine, because the age at which someone comes to understand the gospel can vary greatly from person to person. However, for the purposes of addressing this question, I will use the most common term for this doctrine, the Age of Accountability.

The Age of Accountability

There is great deal of scriptural support to believe that those who die before making a confession of faith in Christ go immediately to be with the Lord. Let's define the Age of Accountability and take a look at the passages that support this doctrine.

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