Do You Consistently Pray with Your Spouse?

New beginnings ... that's what many of us are thinking right now: How will we make 2016 different/better than the year that just passed? For Lisa and me, there are only about a zillion categories where we feel we could improve. Can you relate? But we're not the "New Year Resolution" type. Why make a pledge you are pretty confident you won't keep through the whole year?

This year, for us, a change is necessary. We need to make a resolution that will stick. As I look back on 2015, even though I hate to admit it, there is one area in our marriage/spiritual lives that I haven't given the priority it deserves: Prayer.

It's not that we haven't prayed. We have, individually. But praying together, regularly? Okay, mealtimes don't count! What about all those deeply important issues facing every family: The children ... the finances ... relationships outside the family ... business decisions ... direction on other vital matters ... and, of course, how each other is doing and the state of our marriage in the business of life? Prayer, together, for those? Here and there ... a bit. We mean well but the days streak by like a fighter jet.

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