Do You Ever Wish Your Home Were More Peaceful?

Do you wish your home were more peaceful? I sure did when all six of my kids were at home. Even when only two were left, it still wasn’t peaceful the way I wanted it to be.

You see I wanted everyone to get along and like each other. What I really wanted, truth be told, was for my children to be more like adults even when they were little, which is foolish because not even adults get along well, right?

Too much idealism clung to me for too many years.

Homes are messy because people are broken and sinful and full of flaws, which equals less than peaceful relationships and homes.

Ours was not a peaceful home, at least not the way I imagined or wanted it to be, but it was a stable and mostly healthy home because we kept the main things the main things.

Those main things are:

  • never doubting God’s good and kind sovereign control, even when it makes no sense
  • always keeping forgiveness a real practice, even if you have to do it a hundred times a day
  • remaining teachable, even when you don’t want to learn another thing

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