Do You Have an Idol Hidden in Your Closet?

Just about the time I started writing the Hosea Bible Study, I became obsessed with social media. I went from never noticing how many friends I had on Facebook to obsessively checking my number of friends and likes daily ... somedays, even several times a day ... okay, way too many times a day!

The reason the number mattered to me was because I was basing my identity and acceptance on how many friends, shares, and comments I had on Facebook.

My way out-of-control desire for acceptance revealed that I had rejected my identity in Christ and was erecting an idol instead.

Often, we think of idols as animate objects like food or money. But, idols don't have to be visible. Sometimes, the most powerful idols are the ones no one can see. Popularity, perfectionism, or an inflated need for acceptance are all idols that demand our devotion when we give them power in our lives.

We are too valuable to give ourselves to a shallow, selfish idol that will never meet our needs.

And, our God deserves more, doesn't He? So, let's do some idol identification!

Here are 6 D's to determine if you have an idol ....

1. Desire

Think about what you want ... really, really want. You want it so badly you can't imagine not having it. It may be something you already have, but you feel a tinge of fear when you think of losing it.

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