Do You Have More Value than Birds?

God says there is a particular order to life and that you are more valuable than birds. But many would say you, as a person, have no more value than other forms of life. For example:

If random evolutionary process is the author of life then there is no purpose, except to survive. Since each living thing is simply a product of this process, one part of life is not more valuable than another.

If the ancient eastern religions are right and God is not separate from his creation, then one life form is just as significant as the next, since God is in everything and is everything.

Eastern mysticism and evolutionary thinking have become the dominate influence in western culture. Hollywood reveres the Dalai Lama. Education is wed to evolutionary theory.

Christians on the other hand are accused of hate-speech for believing what the Bible says about sexuality and gender identity. Historic Christianity rooted in biblical truth has become something to mock. Jesus Christ is offensive because culture has rejected the notion that people need to be rescued from their sin.

If there is no biblical God then there is no accountability or unique human value.

If your child is no more valuable than a bird then what difference does it make how he lives?

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