Does Your Child Take You at Your Word?

Most parents are not lacking for good intentions. We always intend to follow through when it comes to what we told our kids, don't we? Does that describe you? Always positive about the things you intend to do with your kids? Always looking to tomorrow for the time when you will follow through on what you said you would do?Testing one more time your child's waning faith in your word?

He knows you love him ... sort of ... at least he wants to believe it.

Dad's really busy right now.

Mom has a lot to do.

He said we'd play catch tomorrow.

She can't do it today but maybe next week.

Dad wanted to take me to the park but something important came up.

Mom wants to read her book right now.

Yeah, Dad and Mom love me, I think...

But then the day comes when he wishes what he used to believe was true. Every child innately knows that his dad and mom always have the time to do the things that are important to them. Unless we make our kids our priority and keep our word to them, eventually, they will conclude they are of little importance or value to their parents.

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