Doesn’t Science Disprove the Bible?

sciencebiblemainIn today's world we often hear statements like "science disproves creation" or "science proves evolution." Whenever we hear such claims, the first thing we should ask is "What do you mean by science?"

The word science comes from the Latin scientia, which means “knowledge.” When most people think of the word science, they tend to equate it with technology, yet secularists also equate the word science with molecules-to-man evolution and millions of years.

To help sort out the confusion, there needs to be an understanding that we can divide science into two categories:

1. Operational (or Observational) Science. This refers to knowledge gained by direct observation (using the five senses) and based on repeatable testing. Such "science" (knowledge) has enabled scientists to build our modern technology like airplanes and rocket ships. Whether one is a creationist or evolutionist, we all use the same operational science. Thus, both evolutionists and creationists can be honored for their observational science.

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