Don't Forget to Date

My husband James and I both work out of our home offices so we see each other a lot throughout the day. He's a realtor. I'm an author. So why in the world would we need to see each other again for date night? There's actually a big difference between occupying the same space and intentionally going out to spend time together. There's something magical about getting out of your routine and looking forward to an evening out. You need to be purposeful about creating fun dates together. They can be as fancy as a five star restaurant or as simple as a coffee date around the corner. In fact, the next time you're out for coffee with your husband, here's something to break you out of your daily grind. Switch drinks with your spouse. You can finish it up if you like it, or swap back if you need your regular. Talk about what it's like to live life from your spouse's perspective. Instead of "walk a mile in my shoes," think "take a sip of my coffee." What challenges is your husband facing? What made him laugh today? What's he looking forward to in the next month? Make your coffee date more meaningful by connecting with each other in a fresh way.

I love coffee and James loves milk with a little bit of coffee. We're two very different people and chances are that's true of you and your spouse. We have to put in some effort to enjoy those differences after the "I do." Date night helps us remember to court one another. To see each other's strengths. To remember the butterflies in your stomach. It puts something in your calendar that proclaims, "We are more than joint bill payers!"

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