Don't Just Make a Resolution—Make a Habit

Making New Years' resolution is one of my favorite end-of-year activities. Every year I'm encouraged by the idea that in a mere 12 months I will have become a (marginally) better person. But every year I'm unable to keep the resolve in my resolutions for more than a few months. I've tried to be more persistent (Resolution #12 - 1988), develop more willpower (Resolution #9 - 1993), and even “resolved” to keep my resolutions (Resolution #1 - 1998). Nothing ever seems to be effective. This year I'm trying something different. Instead of just making new resolutions, I intend to make new habits.

How Habits Create Character

Think back over your day's activities. Did you pray or read your Bible? Did you have a snack before lunch or dinner? Did you check you email or social media after receiving a notification on your smartphone?

While these activities may not appear to have much in common they all share a common feature: they are usually done out of habit.

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