Don’t Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story!

Ever heard that saying before? I have, usually it's in a joking manner, the problem is, it seems as if that's the norm in our world today. Not long ago a friend posted a story that received a LOT of feedback. Here's a condensed version:

Jeremiah Steepek is about to take over as Sr. Pastor of a congregation of 7-10,000 people. The day that he's to be announced to the church he comes into his new church and walks around talking with people. Only 3 congregants said, "Hi" to him.

He asked folks if they would give him some change so he could buy some food, no one gave him anything. Kinda like Undercover Boss, just from a spiritual perspective.

As the service gets ready to start he walks into the sanctuary only to have the Ushers move him from the front of the church to the back. The whole congregation just stares at him, judging him for his appearance.

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