Don't Live Strong, Live Wise

As I write this, I'm visiting my mother. On the desk in the guest bedroom is an antique case containing old greeting cards that my grandfather gave to my grandmother more than 80 years ago. These cards are carefully and affectionately preserved because they express a love that at the time felt and was very significant to Roland and Esther. But that time is long past. There are few of us left who personally witnessed the preciousness of what this couple shared over 60 years of marriage. It won't be long before their love will pass beyond living memory and these greeting cards will lose all personal significance and likely disappear.

And this is why I recommend that you memorize Psalm 90 this year. It's only 17 verses long and you can commit it to memory in a week or two and recite the whole psalm in less than 2 minutes.

And the benefits you'll reap are huge. This prayer of Moses will help you keep life — your real life, your really short life — in perspective. It will help you remember what is transient and what is eternal. It will help you live wisely.

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