Don't Miss the Moment

dontmissmomentmainSuccessful Christian lifetimes are lived one moment at a time.

On a late night, a bus full of young people was coming back from a weekend getaway. While the church bus was driving along the expressway, a vehicle in front of it blew a tire and spun out of control, slamming into the side of the bus and shoving it off the highway into a canal full of water. Within moments, the church bus was submerged under water.

The driver managed to free himself and escape through a broken window. After he surfaced into the dark night, he began screaming the name of his daughter, who had been on the bus. Miraculously, he heard a familiar voice yell out from the shore, a voice he thought he might never hear again. "Dad! Daddy!"

The man's daughter was one of the fortunate ones who had managed to escape the watery trap. They were both safe.

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