Encouraging Your Children to Remember Christmas

An encouragement to remember Christmas may seem like something that is not really needed. After all, who forgets Christmas, especially children? Well, it is true that few forget about December 25th and it’s associated collection of wrapped treasures. But sometimes the real “why” of Christmas gets lost amidst the busy holiday schedule. Some families attempt to make up for this by reading the Christmas story from Luke on Christmas Eve. However, with the excitement of Christmas morning just a few hours away the familiar bible verses can become part of the blur of the Christmas holiday festivities.

The “why” of Christmas is important. The sovereign King of the universe came to earth in human form. As the angels proclaimed, God has a wonderful message for those whom he would call to himself:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

This wonderful, powerful, and unique message is one that needs to be told again and again because it is so easy to forget the “why” of Christmas. Shepherd Press is offering a resource tool that will help you to give the “why” of Christmas its appropriate place this holiday season. The name of this special children’s book is called, interestingly enough, Why Christmas? Beginning with December 1st there is a special reading for each day leading up to Christmas Day.

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