Enjoy a Good Laugh, Like God

Feel no ambivalence whatsoever about enjoying some good clean fun on April Fools' Day. God loves a good laugh. And the devil gets way too much credit when it comes to humor, like he does with sex. But humor comes from God, not Satan. So April Fools’ Day can give us an opportunity to taste heaven, and play Satan for the fool that he is. Humor (like sex) is not a result of the fall. Only perverted humor is. Humor springs from God and, being supreme in all things good, he's the most humorous person in existence. He is the happy God (1 Timothy 1:11), the source of all that is healthy and wholesome and purely hilarious. Anyone who would come up with the ideas to create dogs, llamas, parrots, and proboscis monkeys has a riotous sense of humor.

Preeminent in all things (Colossians 1:18), nobody laughs like God does. He laughs for joy and he laughs in derision at fools who think they can overthrow him (Psalm 2:4). The only reason we have the capacity to laugh ourselves to tears is because we’re like him. God is holy. But if we think holiness and humor are incompatible, it’s only because we’ve been sold a diabolical lie.

The Pervert of Humor

Satan is a rip-off artist. He's a pervert. He's no humorist. He's funny like a serial killer. He's deft at deception and has been effective at casting himself as the king of swing and his kingdom as party central, where you go if you really want a good time.

The devil doesn't enjoy fun. As C.S. Lewis's Screwtape wrote to his demonic protégé, "Fun is closely related to Joy ... it promotes charity, courage, contentment and many other evils" (The Screwtape Letters, 53). The devil does not want us to have fun that leads to joy. He seeks to twist fun into something that has imperceptible evil tentacles — tentacles that wrap around us with which he can pull us toward destruction.

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