Even Bears Brush Their Teeth

See kids, even bears brush their teeth! I took this photo at our local gun club before sharpening our marksmanship skills for our upcoming wild boar hunt (can anyone smell the sausage yet?).

Something about lions, tigers, bears, and taking dominion of the beasts of the field get this dad and his sons all fired up. I guess boys will always be boys...unless, like young David, they have someone teach them how to look a bear in the eye, knock down a giant, and mature into a man after God's own heart. Then he will write war songs, sing praises to God, love his bride, provide for his family, and protect his inheritance.

Next to "Husband", "Dad" is the best role I've ever played.

This THURSDAY I will honor another dad who deserves great recognition for his job well done. You are a big part of this special day, and I will let you in on the surprise THURSDAY MORNING...