Evil & 9/11

9/11 is a painful and disturbing memory. It is also a stark reminder that evil exists. There is no law, no executive decree, no military action, no speech, no earthly power that can defeat evil. There is only one thing that can hold back the armies of evil – the hand of the Living God, the ruler of the universe! I have no idea what this anniversary of 9/11 will bring. Perhaps nothing dramatic will occur. Yet, once again, we have seen vivid, horrific reminders of man's capacity for evil these recent days. It is foolish to think that evil can be restrained by political boundaries or deep oceans. But I do know where evil originates and I do know that God is our only refuge and safety from evil. Even if we are confronted again by some public manifestation of evil and terror, our comfort will remain in God. May our country turn in humility to trust in God.

Paul boldly proclaims that Christ has disarmed the rulers of evil and put them to public shame by Christ's triumph on the Cross (Col. 2:15) The vestiges and ugly armies of evil will remain until our Lord returns. Choosing to ignore the power of God when facing evil is the ultimate act of arrogance.

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