Evolution: No Chance in a Billion Years

Evolution sounds incredibly mysterious that way, dressed up in decades and centuries and eons. But all those years really just obscure the deeper issue. While evolutionists toss years around like a football, they ignore a fundamental flaw in Darwin's idea. What’s that? Even trillions of years wouldn't be enough time to produce the simplest cell.

People gamble in hopes to beat the odds and win big. But the slot machine of evolution has no chance to get the jackpot of life arising from non-life.

Not with All the Time in the World

Secular science textbooks make the origin of life sound simple enough. Throw in some chemicals, zap them with electricity, and you've got organic stew. At some point long, long ago, one such chemical concoction hit on the magical formula to succeed. After that, natural selection and genetics took over and marched toward humanity. Given enough time, these books assure us, it was bound to happen.

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