Excommunicating the Why

excommunicatingwhymainJournalism 1 and 2 at Newton (Mass.) High School in the late 1960s: the only journalism courses I ever took, and just behind typing in the eighth grade as the most valuable I ever had. The journalism teacher, Jacqueline Wollan, was a smart and willowy 26-year-old. All the guys were in love with her, and she taught us the six lovely questions reporters ask: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

This leads to a story. Down syndrome kids are highly endangered: Parents abort nine out of 10. Justin and Tamara Reimer did not abort theirs: Elisha is now 16 years old and has given his name to the Elisha Foundation. The Reimers started it in 2005 with the goal of encouraging families that include "special needs" humans.

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