Experiment: Fast-Formed Fossils

Everyone knows that the fossils we find all over the world took millions of years to form -- scientists proved that years ago, right? Actually, even secular geologists recognize that fossils form rapidly. If they didn't, the organism would decay so quickly there would be almost nothing left to fossilize!

Scientists constantly test ways to understand and replicate the process of forming fossils. Taphonomists (those who study how to make fossils) have demonstrated the astonishing speed of fossilization. Some fossils can be generated in days, or even hours!

Fossils can form in a wide variety of ways. Some common methods include:

1. The body can leave an impression or cast showing its outer shape in the surrounding sand or mud. This can include footprints and the inside and outside of shells. With the right ingredients and conditions, the cast can harden quickly, like cement.

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