The Not Fair Prayer

Sometimes the things life throws at us can make us feel like God isn't being fair. She got the job, and I didn't. Her health is fine, and I have a chronic illness. The list could go on and on forever ... we've all be there! Here you are -- frustrated, confused, sad or discouraged, but you desperately want to keep trusting God and His Word. What do you do?

Here are four ways to pray when you're stuck in a rut and feel God just isn't fair. I called it the “Not Fair Prayer”.

These four prayers will result in choices you can make and actions you can take. They are easy to remember and can be repeated in prayer as many times a day as you need.

1. F -- Fix your eyes on Jesus

We spend lots of time trying to fix our problems, but you will find more peace if you simply fix your eyes on Jesus.

If we keep our eyes focused on Jesus as our encouragement and example, it will strengthen us to face our own pain.

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