Families on the Move

moblefamiliesmainIn 1908, Henry Ford began to mass produce the Model T Ford. For the first time, powered transportation became an option for everyday life. At first, the lifestyle changes for the general public were small. But in the 100 years that have passed since the Model T began production it is now difficult to imagine life without "wheels." Whether the destination is across town or across the state, we have only to find the keys and go. The reality of quick, convenient travel has become part of our culture.

The modern family is a mobile family. Car makers have kept pace with vehicles designed specifically for families on the move. The station wagon morphed into the mini-van. Now the mini-van has been supplanted by SUV as the family transport of choice. Soccer practice, music lessons, field trips, vacations, and a myriad of other events require mobility. Thus, mobility has become a routine part of life. And when something becomes routine it is often taken for granted. This has profound spiritual implications. Occasionally, you will hear someone ask for God's protection for travel if a really long trip is contemplated. But when was the last time that you heard a prayer request for travel to and from music lessons? A request for such a "routine" event seems out of place. Yet, this is precisely what God tells us to do.

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