Family Conversations Around the Table

"Mom, what's for dinner?" asked my son. "Pizza," I responded.

"Ooh, can we play the pizza game while we eat?"

We have a pizza board game that is designed for families to play together while eating pizza. It encourages family conversation and fun interaction during dinner time. It is filled with conversation starters, games, and activities and gets everyone talking and laughing together. We've even brought the game with us to our local pizza restaurant to play there while we enjoyed our favorite pie.

With the pace of life always set at top speed, families struggle to slow down and connect with one another. Parents are pulled in separate directions as they take turns driving one child to one activity and an another to a different one. The tradition of families eating and talking together is like those grainy black and white photos of the past, nostalgic but not something we desire to return to.

But as Christian parents, we've been tasked with the roll of shepherding and guiding our children to know and love God. It is in our homes where the truths of the gospel should always be on our lips as we point our children to Christ and teach them of who they are because of what he has done. Our homes also need to be a place where our children can talk with us about the hard questions of faith, their sins and weaknesses, the heartaches of life, and the trials they endure.

Because of that, it is important that we establish rhythms of talking and relating in our homes. We need to make open communication the expected and anticipated way we interact as a family. We need to be intentional about talking with our children about what is going on in their hearts and lives.

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