Fantastic Voyage: How Could Noah Build the Ark?

Noah slapped his pen on the desk in frustration. "That won't work either." He buried his head in his hands and prayed. O God, help me. Stirred by his wife’s footsteps, he looked up to see her approaching. "What's wrong?" Emzara asked.

He sighed and raised his hands in frustration. "How can I make it strong enough to hold together in rough seas?"

"I'm sure you'll figure it out." She gently massaged the back of his neck. "The Creator wouldn't command you to build the Ark without enabling you to do it."

He patted her hand softly and nodded. "I know. There's just so much to think through."

Apart from the Ark's critically important dimensions and a few other features, the Bible reveals very little about God's instructions to Noah.

Did the Lord give him detailed plans beyond what we read in Scripture so that Noah only had to prepare the pieces and put them together? Or did Noah have to figure out most details as depicted in this fictional conversation with his wife (whose name is not given in Scripture)?

Modern skeptics frequently assume that someone living in Noah's time would have been wholly incapable of building something as large and sophisticated as the Ark. Their views raise several interesting questions that force us to dig deeper and find truths — about God's Word and His work in history — that we might otherwise miss.

Did Noah Have the Technology?

Scripture reveals several important facts about technology in Noah's day.

Noah built the Ark sixteen centuries after God created man as an intelligent being, fully capable of designing and developing new technologies. Since lifespans approached a thousand years, achievements of the pre-Flood world's best innovators could have been remarkable. We know they were capable of building cities, making musical instruments, and working with metal (Genesis 4:16–24). While the height of their prowess is unknown, we can be confident they did not possess vessels, other than the Ark, that survived the Flood.

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