A Father Worthy of Imitation

Read the Bible. Pray. Repeat. Go to church. Talk about God along the way. Repeat.

Sow the seed. Pray for fruit. Trust the Lord. Wait. Repeat.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

For fathers who take serious the call of shepherding their family, the repetition involved can, if one is not careful, lose joy and strength over time. No matter how much grace we see in the gospel, every father is subject to spiritual fatigue.

For this reason, we need fresh promises and testimonies of grace that will spur us on in our fatherly labors. One such story is that of James Paton, the father of the nineteenth century missionary John Paton.

A Father's True Legacy

From his conversion at age seventeen, James Paton led his family to worship God. Personally, he made a habit of personal prayer and Bible reading. But in his family, he faithfully led his children to know and adore God's grace and truth.

In itself, James Paton's life was not noteworthy. He was a poor, Scottish artisan. Today, you won’t find an entry for him on Wikipedia, but in faithfulness to God, he shows the enduring legacy that a father can impress on his children.

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