Fathers: The Gospel or Hypocrisy

fathershypocrisymainFathers you have a choice. You can lead your children with the grace of God's word and Spirit or you can provoke them to anger.

Things become unclear when fathers gauge the success of their leadership on the immediate responses of their children. The fruit of the gospel, that is the fruit of the Spirit, is not produced overnight. You child may obey because he is a people pleaser or is afraid of what might happen if he doesn't. Your goal must not be compliance. If it is, then one day you will be surprised by an angry child who will seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

God wants you to use his instructions, given with his motivations, and supported by gospel grace as you discipline. Failure to follow this path will lead to angry children. This anger will flow, at least in part, from your hypocrisy.

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