Fearful Fathers, Angry Children

It is a challenge to lovingly confront a child who is set on going his own way. It is easier to just ignore the child's bad behavior. It is also the easy path to become angry and threaten to levy severe consequences or engage in physical intimidation. These approaches do not honor God nor do they bless the child. When it comes to relationships, men are often intimated and become fearful. Thus, two of the most frustrating of male responses, indifference and anger, stem front the same root cause -- fear. (I will do a follow up post on this connection soon.)

Fathers are you listening?

God created men to be confident, compassionate leaders. But then man fell. Eve chose to verbally engage the serpent. Even though he was with her, Adam did not protect his wife. Instead, in fear and self-interest, he watched the most destructive conversation in human history and said nothing (See Genesis 3:6). When Adam took the fruit from Eve, he had already fallen by doubting the word of God and failing to protect his wife. When confronted with his sin, Adam did what men still do to this day -- he passed the buck and blamed his wife.

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