Fighting for Your Family

Several Sundays ago, we were getting ready for church and from across the hallway you could hear screaming and yelling. There was an all out brawl in our living room over which child took the other's pink story Bible. "No, it's mine!" my five-year-old daughter yells.

"No, I want it! I want it!" my three-year-old daughter yells back. After some hair pulling and name calling, the three-year-old then runs from her sister and into our bedroom hiding from her sister with a sneaky face.

I still had to do my hair and finish putting my mascara on because you know, we had to be at church in 20 minutes. I was still waking up too because I'm not a morning person. I could barely handle the noise level and sibling rivalry. The yells and screams were shattering to my ears. After some discipline and working out the conflict, I assured my three-year-old that she'd get her own Bible one day and that was enough to dissolve the chaos.

You see, my husband is a pastor. I'm the pastor's wife and my kids are pulling their hair out in a fight over the Bible. Most other days, they fight over toys and the color of their cup. Unkind words were plentiful that morning. And I'm thinking to myself, What is wrong with us? Is there something wrong with this picture?

Well, yes. And no.

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