Fighting Mundane: 5 Simple Ways to Keep Marriage Fun

I was young when I got married. Barely 21 years old, some of the traits I considered valuable in a spouse were superfluous and of little importance when looking for a partner to take on the rest of my life with. I had no clue. And while I find that early list of qualifying factors slightly embarrassing, I’ve come to understand God’s abundant providence and the answer to my own parents’ fervent prayers.

Through my husband, God has given me so much more than I ever thought to look for in a spouse.

In my dating years, fun was always high on my list of priorities. I knew I wanted a spouse who was fun. A spouse who liked to go fun places, do fun things and prioritized enjoying life. While I sometimes laugh a little at my naive priorities as a young woman, I’m beginning to realize that fun might not be as naive as I once believed.

This week my husband and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage. We’re knee deep in the day to day of raising a family, the stage of life where each day is a new adventure, often an exhausting one. Marriage can feel like just another thing we are supposed to be tending to.

Drowned out by the busyness of work and parenting, it can begin to feel mundane and boring. But, I thought I signed up for ... fun?

Here’s the thing. There is plenty of work involved in marriage and parenting. I can’t deny that. But even in the work, there is room for enjoyment, even when it’s tiring and mundane there is still room for fun. In the last 15 years, I’ve learned that when we commit to taking on the challenges that come our way together and commit to making it fun ... it often is!

No, every day is not a fairytale. We still get annoyed, moody and frustrated at times. But fun is not frivolous. Fun brings smiles to balance the hard.

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