Fighting Peer Pressure

The narrative of King Jehoshaphat and King Ahab in 2 Chronicles 18 provides insight into the dynamics of peer pressure. When you or your children yield to peer pressure you are, in effect, dividing your loyalties between God and man. This double-mindedness simply does not work. It results in decision making that is foolish. Many sins that young people become entangled with begin when they yield to peer pressure. This story of King Jehoshaphat demonstrates that young people are not the only ones susceptible to this problem. Jehoshaphat should have realized that forming an alliance with Ahab was extremely unwise, even stupid! When Jehoshaphat declared allegiance to Ahab he became more concerned with pleasing Ahab than pleasing God. To illustrate this we see that despite a clear warning from God from the Prophet Micaiah, Ahab rejects God's word and Jehoshaphat follows Ahab rather than God.

Ahab acknowledges that Micaiah is God's spokesman. Ahab has no concern that the word of God has been spoken. Micaiah then goes on to say just how God intended to bring about defeat for Ahab. Jehoshaphat heard all this, and yet, having done the religious thing by checking with a true prophet, he still maintains his loyalty to Ahab over against God.

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