Finding Hope and Grace to Face the Unexpected

At some point, the life we planned on and reality collide. Our first several years of marriage were pretty much free of serious hardship – oh, things happened that we thought were difficult but the first real challenge? That would be the birth of our Little Sparrow.

Few aspirations match the hopes parents have for a soon-to-be born child. We were no exception Even though this child would bring the running total to five we were eager to see who this unique little creation of God would be ... and then a flurry of medical gowns and Lisa was hastily prepped for an emergency C Section.

Everything's okay, isn't it? ... Just like the first four ... Why would anything be different, this time?

How do you cope when the Dr. tells you your new baby is severely brain-damaged and is, in so many words, a vegetable? I kept it together while he was there but could feel a growing fire in my chest, as if the sinews of my heart were being ripped apart.

Daddy wants to protect.

Daddy wants to fight.

But, there.s not one thing Daddy can do to stop what was happening ... what had already happened.

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