Finding Purpose in the Pigskin

I don't know about you, but I spend many fall evenings sitting in bleachers, cheering on various sized football players. This fall, all three of my sons are playing, so that's at least four games a week. There are many kinds of football moms. Some have the buttons and make cupcakes, some show up and are on their phones the whole time, some never come, or do come, but talk to their friends. I have been at some point, in all those categories, but am resolved this fall to be more intentional. I made these guidelines for myself to utilize this season for eternal gains. Here are my ways to maximize the time invested:

1. Take time before the game to say important messages to your child.

They are anticipating being coached and you have the most important game plan. I say to the boys things like, "I care more about how you treat your team than I do about the yards you cover." "I want you to at least once during the game, say thank you to Jesus for a body that works how you want it to." "Success isn't given, it's earned. Do you part with all your heart!"

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