Finding Teachable Moments

Maybe we make it hard on ourselves, moms. We love to try and say the most important things at the most difficult times. Here'a s familiar scene for many of us:

The toast is burning, the baby is screaming, the brothers are fighting...

We're late for an appointment, the laundry never made it to the dryer, our coffee spills, the toddler wets his pants..

...and we choose that very moment to let everyone within earshot know what we think about responsibility, organization, attentiveness, and brotherly love.

We so often feel as if no one is listening to us and what we say doesn't matter. We can be discouraged in the teaching and training of our children because the words we speak seem to go nowhere. But what we may not consider in the everyday chaos of raising children is this: Are my words being delivered in a teachable moment?

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