Finding the Way When Your Marriage is Broken

One summer when I was in college, I spent several weeks doing door-to-door book sales in Tennessee with a friend. One night after heading back home to Michigan, I found myself going around a loop in Indianapolis. I took a wrong turn and exited to get oriented. I found myself in a broken neighborhood where there were boarded up houses. I kept driving and I hit every red light. It seemed like I'd never escape this city. After an hour, I figured out my bearings and got back on track. While I grew frustrated with my situation, I came to the point where I admitted that I had made a navigational error. I eventually took the time to evaluate my situation and seek the guidance of the map (pre GPS and iPhone days). Then I followed its instructions and made my way back home safely.

Reflecting back on this little experience has reminded me of the simplicity of the Gospel and the power it has in my life and marriage.

Recognize the Warning Signs

Sometimes we find that our marriage is not on the path we planned when we said until death do us part. Whether we've developed bad habits, undisciplined lifestyles, poor communication, sinful addictions, or are harboring bitterness and resentment, we can easily become discontented with our spouse. Suddenly, we might find that our marriage is not in a place we anticipated when we said, I do.

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