"Fine Print!"

Recently my wife took the car in for an oil change and tire rotation. After doing the work, the mechanic told my wife that we soon would need new tires. He further explained the tires may get through the winter but definitely would need to changed in the spring. Of course, I am concerned for the safety of my family and want everybody driving the safest car possible. Therefore, we set up an appointment to get new tires. As we were doing this I just so happened to look at the paperwork that we had from when we bought tires the last time. On there it told me that we had a 50,000 mile warranty. I went and checked the odometer and we'd only driven 24,000 miles.

Hmmm! I called the tire company and explained what I'd just discovered. The kind lady on the other end of the phone asked me which tires had we bought, and I told her. She said, "OK, that's a problem. I've heard that from some others who bought the same tire. Please bring your car in and we'll call the manufacturer to see what we can do."

When I brought the car in, the manager looked at the tires and our paperwork. After the inspection he told us that we did indeed need new tires. The difficulty was this, in the fine print on the warranty it clearly stated that we were required to have the rotation of the tires recorded on a form that was on the back of the original paperwork. We hadn't done that, so they weren't required to abide by the warranty.

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