Finish the Summer Well: 50 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

When I was a kid I spent most of my summer days outside. Even though I was a big reader and thought curling up on the couch made a perfect day, I was outside a lot. Why? my mom kicked me outside, and she LOCKED the door. I had to find places to go and things to do. Can you relate? As a mom I worry when my kids don't want to be outside too. With eight kids at home sometimes I hear, “I'm bored.” This means two things: 1. “Mom, entertain me” or 2. “Mom, I want to play on my tablet/watch TV.”

Even though I haven't tried it on my kids, I understand why my mom locked me out. Summer days are perfect for connecting with God in nature and with each other. That doesn't happen glued to the electronics.

Are you ready to finish your summer well? Here are fifty summer bucket list ideas of your kids. Cut out the options and put them in a bucket. Pull out one each day. Or pick your top ten favorite things to do before summer ends.

Don't just think of them as activities to mark off a list. Instead, be diligent to use these ideas to connect with God in nature and connect with friends and family. As you do you're creating wonderful summer memories!

50 Summer Bucket List Ideas

  1. Pick berries
  2. Make a bird feeder from pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed
  3. Start a bug collection

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