The Folly of Men Arming Women for Combat

Here we go again -- more fallout from the male cowardice that won't stand up to the politically correct shamers, but instead countenances arming our women for frontline combat. I addressed the folly of it in 2007 twice. Now USA Today reports that the minimal standards for strength set by the marines are on hold because half the women in boot camp can't do three pull-ups. They're on hold as "part of the process of equalizing physical standards to integrate women into combat jobs."

Pull-ups aren't arbitrary. They require, say the soldiers, "the muscular strength necessary to perform common military tasks such as scaling a wall, climbing up a rope, or lifting and carrying heavy munitions." Why the hold-up on the pull-up minimum? "The risk of losing recruits and hurting retention of women already in the service was unacceptably high."

A Shame on the President's Manhood

A year ago President Obama praised lifting restrictions from women in combat: "Today, by moving to open more military positions -- including ground combat units -- to women, our armed forces have taken another historic step toward harnessing the talents and skills of all our citizens."

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