Football Fan Guide to a Better Marriage

According to an Ad Week/Harris poll, 73% of all men and 55% of all women in America watch football. Overall, 2 out of every 3 adults are watching football for 5 months of the year – that's over 200 million viewers! Clearly, many couples gather around the TV for 3-4 hours each week to watch their favorite team. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use that time to multi-task? For example, watch football and, let’s say, work on our marriage.

With that in mind, and with tongue in cheek, here is the Football Fan Guide to a Better Marriage:

Every Play Needs a Quarterback

99% of all plays start with the ball in the hands of the quarterback. Needless to say, the quarterback is a very important position. You want the best person handling the ball for that particular play. Sometimes that means switching who plays quarterback for a particular play – like running the Wildcat.

Similarly, we need to have the best quarterback running the plays in our marriage. For example, if one spouse is better than the other at finances, that person quarterbacks the finances. If one spouse is better at planning vacations, that person is responsible for family vacations. The key here is playing to each other's strengths. Which leads to the next point...

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