4 Things to Teach Your Children This Easter

Spring is upon us. Flowers are beginning to bud, leaves are reappearing on trees, and birds are building their nests. Signs and decorations herald the arrival of our favorite season when we walk into local stores. Bags of plastic eggs and bunny-shaped confections line the shelves. While we Christians enjoy all the signs of spring, this season is special for us in another way. In a couple weeks, we'll celebrate the most important holiday weekend of the year: our Lord's death and resurrection. Beyond jellybeans and warm sunshine, we remember and rejoice in the new life that is ours because of Christ's sacrifice for our sins and triumph over the grave.

And we want our children to know this joy, too. We want our children to know that there is more to this time of year than chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps -- so much more.

Will you join me in trying to turn the blooming opportunities of this season into a way to teach our children more about Jesus? Let's think toward making the most of this spring to show our kids all that they have because of Christ. Here are four key things to teach our children this Easter.

1. The Story of Redemption

Our family has what we call a "Resurrection Tree." For the month leading up to Easter, we read through the story of redemption. We begin with creation and the Fall. We then go through God's covenant promises in the Old Testament, as well as prophecies about the Messiah such as in Isaiah 53. We study Jesus's birth, baptism, and ministry. During the final week, Holy Week, each day's passage focuses on Jesus's last days. For each story and passage we read, we hang an ornament on our "Resurrection Tree" that we've made to symbolize the passage we read.

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