From Disaster to Victory

Great hope lies beyond the disasters swirling around us. Throughout history great trials have preceded incredible victories. Let us step back from our current ordeals and learn from the history of our mother nation, England. By the 15th century, the British had become a land permeated with poverty, ignorance, disease and tyranny. In the midst of their despair these people were tested by invasion, fire, plague and civil war in the 17th century. The future did not look promising. The elite nations of the Continent looked down upon England as the "backwater of Europe."

Yet these same English people, united by a renewed faith in divine providence, went on to save the world from some of history's most oppressive tyrants over the next 300 years. They defeated Napoleon at Waterloo and alone held off the Nazi juggernaut at the Battle of Britain in 1940.

But I get ahead of the story. In 1590, few could imagine that England, especially London, could become a great defender of liberty. The story below should give us hope that America may yet be revived to be a "city on a hill" once again.

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