From Fear to Faith

feartofaithmainBehind the prosperous facade of our culture there appears to be a growing fear among many Americans. Like Gideon of old when surrounded by his enemies, we are often tempted to cry out, "If the Lord is with us.... Where are all His miracles?" The following is an encouraging story of God's protection and help when all appears hopeless.

It was 24/7 sheer terror and panic for the mothers and fathers of the English Empire in 1940. They had just lost 878,000 of their sons twenty years before in WWI. And now the Nazis were enslaving virtually all of Europe in May and June of 1940. The bloodiest war in history was unfolding before them and again these parents would have to offer their sons, their most priceless treasure to, as Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, "Save Christian civilization."

As the Germans invaded Poland, the English and French were forced to declare war on Germany. The British sent over their army to defend France. On May 1st of 1940, Adolph Hitler's army launched an all-out attack called the Blitzkrieg. Within two weeks the Panzer Tank Divisions had reached the English Channel, pouring like a flood through the French and Belgium troops, leaving the British Expeditionary force, over 300,000 men, pinned against the ocean. All the ports had been destroyed and the matchless English Navy was helpless to approach the shallow shoreline for a rescue.

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