Be the FUN Family

Every once in a while, my kids say something so innocently profound, it prompts me to examine myself. Like this one: "Mom, I wish you were a kid. Because then you could play with me," my four-year-old chirped. She sat at the kitchen table coloring dinosaur pictures with crayons while I mixed muffin batter across the room. I looked up from my bowl and raised my eyebrows.

"What do you mean? I can still play with you even though I'm your mom."

"Nope, you can't." She shrugged. "You're a grown-up. Too bad."

Hmm. I set my spatula on the counter and considered this revelation. Is Mom really so boring in her eyes? Think about it. We grown-ups cook dinner, wash dishes, pay taxes and sit still through half-hour sermons. Compared to dinosaurs and hula hoops and playground swings, I suppose we are kind of dull.

Parents must shoulder adult responsibilities and yes, those are important. But who says they have to define our children's view of us?

When my kids were babies, a wise mentor gave me this advice: Be the fun family. Play together. Laugh together. Be the parents who willingly venture into a child's world, and create a home where your kids want to be — so as they grow, they won't go seeking their kicks elsewhere.

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