Get It Right, the Chicken Came First!

Somehow, many folks have the idea that children come first in the family. Children are growing up with the notion that they are to be served. In other words, the egg comes before the chicken! But this is not how God designed families to function. If you desire to be a loving, biblical parent you must begin by being a loving, biblical spouse.

Living primarily for your children leads to making idols of your children. This is a burden that no child can bear. In the long run, it will only turn your children against you. Stability in the marriage relationship is what provides stability for the children, not the other way around. Here are at least three of the reasons why this is true.

First, marriage is designed to be permanent.

Children are temporary inhabitants of the family. Parents are to raise their children to leave the home and start their own families. Husbands and wives are to be together for a lifetime. If the primary focus is given to the children, then what is temporary will receive more attention than what is primary and foundational. This weakens both parents and children.

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