How to Get Your Mind Back on Track

How are you feeling? What's on your mind? These are very important questions, not just polite conversation starters. They're questions we should ask ourselves (and others) frequently because they tell us what direction our train is heading.

Our Train of Thought

The train of the mind is linked together like this: the car of our thoughts is hitched to the car of our emotions, which is hitched to the car of our hope, which is hitched to the engine of our trust.

Here's how the train operates:

Trust Engine: The engine that pulls our mind in a certain direction is trust (or belief or faith). And trust is always pulling us toward some trustworthy destination (something we're believing). When I say "trustworthy" here, I mean that our mind believes it’s trustworthy or might be trustworthy. In reality, it could be completely false. But if our mind believes the destination is credible, our trust will pull in that direction.

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